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Normal People Know Better

What is today? If you answered Thursday you’re wrong. Well… kind of. Today is the return of Grey’s Anatomy. Normal People know this. Normal People, though they may not plan to be glued to the TV when it comes on tonight, know that it’s tonight and that it’s a BIG deal to people who are fans of the show. So, why have i received 3 invites to different events that all take place tonight??? News alert: Normal People do NOT plan charity events, happy hours and/or dinner parties on the night that Grey’s returns (unless of course it’s a Grey’s watch party/dinner party/or any party involving watching the TV). Yes, I have heard of Tivo/DVR but some shows are just better when watched on the regular date and time. Grey’s is one of them. The anticipation you feel during the commercial breaks, wondering what will happen next, and discussing it with your friends, whether you are watching it together, texting or calling back and forth all adds to the Grey’s experience. So, just to recap Normal People know better than to schedule events during the premiere of Grey’s… if they want people to actually show up!


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