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Normal People Don’t Sport JORTS

Jeans and shorts. Both of these¬†items are wonderful pieces of clothing. However, when merged to form one item (cleverly deemed “jorts”) it crosses the line of normalcy. Now, the rules of jorts vary depending on the sex of the person sporting them. Listen closely because there is zero room to stray…

Women-jean shorts are okay as long as they are worn in a tasteful manner (for you abnormals who read this) tasteful manner consists of: not being so short that you can see the pockets and/or your cheeks (you know which ones) and also free of all patches, stains, etc. In addition, they should never be mom-style jorts and never, under any circumstances, should there be a camel toe situation going on in the jort area. While we are on this topic, this should probably just be thrown out there for ALL clothing items…

Men-jean shorts are in NO WAY okay!

If you currently sport jorts:

1. Take them off right now and throw them in the trashcan.

2. I said RIGHT NOW!

3. Consider this blog your Savior.

Once again, normalpeoplenews to the rescue! Healing the world one abnormal person at a time.


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