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Normal People Know That No Means No

Nope, this post is not to preach to you about date rape or any rape for that matter but while we are on the subject Normal People clearly know that no means no in any sexual activity! This post is about the everyday Nos. Why is it that some people can not take No for an answer??? Easy – because they are not Normal.

Normal People know that no means no. It’s just that easy. When someone says No, they don’t want to go out/don’t want another drink/don’t want to go on a date/don’t want to have Chinese/don’t want to go to the gym/ or any of the other millions of scenarios where one uses the word No it means NO. It does not mean please try to talk me into it/maybe/yes/I’ll think about it or anything else along those lines. Accept it and move on… that’s what Normal People do.


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