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Normal People Use Deodorant

Ever been at a restaurant, in the grocery line, or at a bar and thought… what the hell is that smell? Is the sewer backed up? Is there a horse in the building? Rotten eggs? A dead body? A dirty diaper? Then you realize it’s the B.O. of the person next to you. Ugh! Unfortunately you’ve encountered on a Not Normal Person… a Non-Deodorant Using Not Normal Person to be exact.

Here’s the deal – EVERYONE SWEATS. If you don’t… you are Not Normal and need to get that checked out immediately. No. Seriously. It could be a medical problem. Go see your doctor. Anyway, sweating is good for you. It’s natural. It helps your body release toxins. It also makes you stink. Stinking is not good. For you or the people you come in contact with. Deodorant kills bacteria that makes sweat smelly. USE IT PEOPLE! Deodorant comes in all varieties… regular, organic, kosher, gel, spray, solid, natural, and even vegan. So, there is no excuse not to use it. No Normal Person wants to walk around being super smelly!


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