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Normal People Will Find This Blog Entertaining

If, while reading this blog, you have found yourself on the verge of peeing your pants, snorted, doubled over in laugh pains, laughed so hard you cried, laughed out loud, chuckled, been consumed by a fit of giggles or had to spit out your drink because you were so amused… Congratulations! You are normal.

If you have read the posts on this blog and not laughed, even a little… you are not normal. If this website makes you mad… you are not normal. If you have left us a rude comment… you are not normal AND please refer to the about page regarding where to send your complaints. If you think any of these posts refer to you, they probably do and therefore… you are CLEARLY not normal. If you didn’t find the previous statement funny… you are not normal.

Summary: Normal People understand that this blog is for fun. Not Normal People don’t get it!


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