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Normal People Don’t Have Triple-M Sized Breasts

I have a question, and PLEASE let me know if there is ANY type of explanation because I would love to hear it…but WHY IN THE HELL would someone think it is a good idea to have size M breasts, much less TRIPLE size M breasts (or anything remotely close)?

Normal People Newsflash: IT ISN’T ATTRACTIVE!

Breasts like these are clearly not organic so many people are at fault in this situation. I would go with mainly the person who WANTS a triple-M chest, the surgeon who ALLOWED that to happen, the family and then last but not least…ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SEEN THEM ON THE STREET AND NOT TOLD THEM THEY DO NOT LOOK GOOD AND THAT IT IS NOT NORMAL!

Not only is this highly unattractive, but your back has to be broken in multiple places, it has to be a nightmare to find clothing and you can’t see your feet! So again, if there is any reasonable explanation for this type of behavior, I would love to hear it. However, if you even think you have an explanation–you are not normal.

To recap: All you people with enormous, obnoxious fake breasts…you’re morons (moron=not normal) so go get a reduction you attention hungry whore.


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