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Normal People Show Up

Sad, but true: Not normal people get invited to parties, events, galas, get togethers, etc.  However, the act of normalcy that separates the “normals” from the rest of the world is showing up!  RSVP’s aren’t just made up for fun. Normal people know this. If you RSVP “attending” for any type of event, get your ass there! It is the polite, respectful, and normal thing to do! When you tell someone you will be somewhere, you go. End of story. When you tell someone you will show up, they expect you to show up. There really isn’t much more to this…

How would you like it if, lets say, you were having a party and invited your friends and they told you they would be there, were excited about it (yay) and then just never showed their face? That is just rude! There is no other way to put it–other than not normal (but then it wouldn’t be on this blog now, would it?)



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