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Normal People Don’t Take Kickball Seriously

I’ll start off with a disclaimer: This entry is not for  professional kickball champions who are headed to the Kickball World Cup.
Due to the Kickball World Cup being non-existent, everyone has read on and therefore, this applies to you (please note, you can insert any recreational sports league in for kickball if you wish).  The origins of kickball are debatable, yet one thing is for certain: kickball was invented for entertainment purposes. Kickball is for FUN! Normal people know this. There is no such thing as a “kickball super team,”  kickball draft, or kickball champions of the universe. People will not engrave “R.I.P. greatest kickball player that ever lived” on your gravestone when you pass.
Normal people form kickball teams to play with their friends, enjoy the outdoors and get exercise. When one joyful kickball season comes to an end, there is always another to look forward to (because after all, it is for FUN). So, unless you are extremely rude, have no other goals or accomplishments in your life except to win a beer league kickball game, and are clearly not normal, allow all friends and acquaintances to experience the bliss of kicking a flat, red, playground ball over the outfielder’s head…
…only to make it to first base.


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