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Normal People Know How To Park

  • If you park on or over the line you are not normal.
  • If you pull too far forward and the nose of your car sticks into the next parking spot you are not normal.
  • If you leave the tail end of your car sticking out into the driving path you are not normal.
  • If you double park on purpose you are not only not normal you are an inconsiderate ass.
  • If you park ON a curb you are not normal.
  • If you parallel park and park too close to a car you are not normal.
  • If you parallel park and take up more than one spot you are the worst not normal of all. Congrats. Because you are plain rude or just too lazy to park correctly you have taken up enough room for a circus and have caused some poor normal person to circle the block looking for a spot.
  • If you park in a non parking spot and block someone else in you are not normal and I hope the other person calls a tow truck and you get what you deserve.

What is so difficult about parking a car? NOTHING!!! Just put your car between the lines. So, why is it that everywhere I look I see bad parking jobs? Because, sadly, not normals are given drivers licenses too. I know what you are thinking… not normals and driving is an oxymoron. I clearly agree but until we can convince the DMV to give a normalcy test in addition to a written driving test the not normal population will continue to sit behind the wheel. (insert shudder here)

For a good laugh check out www.niceparkingdude.com and www.youparklikeanasshole.com


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