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Normal People Do Not Bring Their Children To Work

The corporate world is not for children. I am sitting at work right now (obviously being productive) and sitting right next to me is my co-worker’s 11 year old daughter. WHY? you ask, is this girl sitting next to me? GREAT QUESTION! I wondered the same thing, so I asked my co-worker, and here is the response I received: “The babysitter cancelled.”

While I realize and am fully aware that things come up unexpectedly at home, you still do not bring your child in to work with you. It disrupts the people working around you, it makes you less productive because you are worried about your child, AND it is just abnormal and inappropriate! Let’s brainstorm together some other options my co-worker had before she brought her daughter into work (for the 2nd time I might add).

1. Mother-in-laws are always great last minute babysitters.

2. This is what PTO is for.

3. WORK FROM HOME! (Man, if only we lived in a world that had phones that you could take with you anywhere and┬ácompact computers that were portable and could take with you as well…wouldn’t that make life easy?) SHEESH.

Now that we have gone over other options my co-worker had this morning, let us scan the room together… oh, wait…NOBODY ELSE HAS THEIR CHILDREN IN THE WORKPLACE! (And that does not mean they do not have children!)

Please, PLEASE, people…do not bring your kids to work!

PS. Just some background–The first time she brought her in to work was because the daughter cut her own bangs and didn’t want to go to school. WTF! NOT NORMAL.


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