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Normal People Don’t Leave Stupid Comments Like This…

*The following comment was left in response to “Normal People Do Not Have Mail Order Brides.” Please refer to that post before reading this one.*

“Normal people don’t write a drawn out repetitive compaint on a random website about how bad it is to meet someone from a different country. Did you eve think maybe people may get sick of dealing with the terrible selfish thought process of american women and would like to meet someone that would appreciate a better life? You are probably someone tht was left by your mate and they found someone from another country that looks better than you and doesn’t complain that things aren’t good enough, lol!”

This person is clearly not normal. They have no right to speak about normalcy or even have the word “normal” in their vocabulary.

You, chrisnuzzo76@yahoo.com, are an utter dip shit! If people get sick of their girlfriends or boyfriends, FINE. YOU DO NOT PURCHASE PEOPLE! What do you not understand about that concept? Cheap whores are the only thing you can purchase and even then you don’t own them.  You are an obvious lost cause of ever reaching a normal state of mind with that comment. If you don’t like American women—LEAVE THE COUNTRY!

NORMAL NOTE: Let us call this “Exhibit A.” This is the exact reason why this site was created.



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