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Normal People Would Not Purchase One Of These

There are so many things wrong with this that I’m not sure where to begin. First, what not normal person created this? Clearly this was created by a not normal to sell to other not normals because even if a normal person thought of this (which would be a stretch) the thought process would go like this…

Normal person thinks to self: It’d be great if there were some kind of pillow that was like an arm so that when my significant other was gone…What the hell am i talking about! I would look like such a moron if i tried to pitch that idea. What a stupid idea. I need to forget i ever thought it.

So, we’ve established that this was made by a not normal. Now let’s move on the the morons that purchase this. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??? This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. It’s creepy. If you are so attached to the person you sleep with that you can’t sleep alone when they are gone you are not normal. If you buy this when you don’t have a significant other to¬†pretend like you do you are CLEARLY not normal. There is no normal reason to buy this piece of crap arm pillow.

Below is the sales pitch for the product. It¬†should be titled “Calling All Crazies.”

Boyfriend Arm Pillow
Never curl up on the couch alone again, with this comforting arm that wraps around you as if to say, “I’m sorry work was rotten today,” or “No, you pick what we watch tonight,” all the stuff you’d never hear from a real boyfriend.

WTF????????? Stay normal people!


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