Normal People Do Not Live In Filth

There is no excuse for filth! By filth I do not mean a typical amount of clutter, yesterday’s clothes on the floor, make-up on the bathroom counter, shoes in the living room, or any of the everyday stuff that normal people have laying around their house that may need to be picked up before company comes over. Filth is plates with moldy food piled up in a sink, overflowing smelly garbage cans, cups that have been left out so long the liquid has evaporated, food in the refrigerator that expired last year, animal feces left on the floor, fast food containers cluttering the place, piles of dirty diapers, toilets that have never been cleaned, compulsive hoarding, or anything else that falls into the filthy category.

There is absolutely, positively, with out a doubt no excuse for your home to resemble a pig pen or trash dump. If you have any of those things going on in your dwelling you are not normal. Solution – CLEAN!!!! Your home does not have to resemble one on the cover of a home design magazine because normal people don’t live that way either but it does have to be clean and free of filth. This post applies to people of all ages, races, and income brackets. You’d be surprised who does and does not live in filth. If you or someone you know are currently living in filth please do something about it immediately! Normal people might find this laughable (because as a normal person you’d assume the following is common knowledge but clearly it’s not) but Wikihow has an article on “How to Clean a House.” I think it’s a great first step for all the not normals out there that want to make their way back to the normal side. Check it out at



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4 responses to “Normal People Do Not Live In Filth

  1. raven

    I agree that it is not at all normal to live like that. However, for some, it is not as easy as just cleaning. Sometimes the person might be disabled or suffering from mental illness.

    There is help out there. If you are living like this and don’t know how to dig yourself out, I recommend seeing your doctor about possible OCD or depression. There are also some great websites where people can get support and motivation:

    I hope this helps someone out there.

  2. Loretta

    Why would some who lives in filth deny it? I know some one that lives in so much filth that her home is a health hazzard. When people visit this person, they leave and never talk to her again. Just one of the filth things is that dog and cat feces has been seen on her floors, When someone tells her this she just gets mad and calls them liar. She says things like ” oh my house isn’t clean enough for the snobs”. She always has excuses for not cleaning. She views her house is being a little messy or cluttered – she is complete unaware of the horrific filth that she lives in. I wont describe all of the filth – just use your imagination ( and magnify that by 200 times). Is there any hope of helping this person.

  3. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  4. Heather

    I totally agree with this….I am a young disabled & an OCD person & I manage to have a perfectly clean house & mind u I have a hubby (who does only yard work), 3 pugs & a siberian husky. Loretta, I have a friend that’s EXACTLY like the person u described. There’s no helping these people. I cut ties with my friend for over 22 yrs cause no matter how many times her kids have been sick & in the hospital, she doesn’t care to keep clean….Worst part is is that she’s a LPN…..UGH!!! Filthy people is a reflection of how they are. Dirty, lazy & gross.

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